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Door-to-door mobile picture framing service for the Leeds & Wetherby area

COMMISSIONS - art & photographs

Artist : I. R. Acworth

Artist : Madelaine Jones

Artist : Ian Hardy

Artist : Sally Webb

Artist : Stan Gregory

Artist : Shaun Fitzpatrick

Artist : Jenny Sharpe

Artist : Scott Winship

Artist : Scott Winship

Artist : Yvonne Spence

Artist : Rachel McNaughton

Artist : Rachel McNaughton

Artist : Clare Rhodes

Photographer :  Paul Jenner Photography

Artist : Neil Simone

Artist : Doreen Greenshields

Artist : Sandie Turner

Artist : Sandie Turner

Examples are shown below of some of the pictures framed for customers by Polkadot Pictures & Framing.

Artist : Rachel McNaughton

Art by Joanne Hogg

Artist : Georgina English

Artist : Carol Peace

Year of the Rabbit

Artist : Joanne Hogg

Watercolour painting of hellebores
Boston Spa church

Artist : Sally Sterne

Art by Stan Gregory
Casper's portrait
Portrait of dog
Map of Leeds, Yorkshire
Portrait of a hare
Original painting of olives
Photo of Janet & Antony Miller's wedding
Painting of a boat
Wetherby Golf Club
Knaresborough Bridge
Abstract painting
Painting of Staithes
Cow parsley
Photographic poster
Photo of aircraft
Picture of dragonfly
Picture framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing
Graduate of Liverpool John Moores University
Graduate of the University of Chester
Framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing
Framed certificate
Autumn Leaves by Neil Simone
Painting of the Lake District
Landscape painting, framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing
Original art, framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing
Original landscape painting
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IMG_0757 c_opt
IMG_0719c enh_opt

Dennis Bromage Photography

Copyright on the art remains with the artist

Painting of parrot tulips
Framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing

Artist : MH

IMG_0983 ce_opt
IMG_1054 ce √_opt4_opt 400
Picture of Staithes by Kate Lycett

Artist : Kate Lycett

Artist : Rachel McNaughton

Artist : Jill Neale

Artist : Jill Neale

Butterfly by 5 year-old artist

Artist : J, aged 5

Artist : Stacey Moore

Painting of a wren
Drawing of birds

Artist : Nigel Bates

IMG_0995 c_opt_opt

Polkadot Pictures & Framing accepts commissions to frame paper-based items such as watercolour paintings, prints, photographs, children's drawings, documents and certificates, plus canvas boards and fabrics.

Charles Keogh

Joanne Hogg

Original watercolour painting
Framed photograph

Dennis Bromage Photography

Original painting of raggedy sheep
Framed photograph of aircraft
Original acrylic painting
Framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing
Packet ship
Bluebell wood

Artist : Sandie Turner

Painting of meadow by Jill Neale

Artist : Jill Neale

Watercolour painting
Watercolour painting
Photograph of owl by Paul Macro

Artist : R M Webb

Artist : R M Webb

Photographer : Paul Macro Photography

IMG_1315 c_opt

Artist : Sarah Jane Nicholls

Giraffe painted by Rachel Melvin
Hare painting

Artist : Rachel Melvin

Artist : Rachel Melvin

Artist : L Fourie

Skiing at Andermatt
Original painting of raggedy sheep

Artist : Charles Keogh

Georgina English


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Copyright on all the art featured on this web site remains with the artist.

See Collingham Mural for info about this picture