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. Year of the Rabbit


Polkadot Pictures & Framing has framed many paintings by artists who are based in Yorkshire, particularly in the Wetherby and Leeds areas. Commissions have been both from the artists themselves and from their customers.  Examples of pictures painted by Yorkshire artists and framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing are featured below.

Artist : Ian Hardy

Artist : Jenny Sharpe

Artist : Yvonne Spence

Artist : Rachel McNaughton

Artist : Rachel McNaughton

Artist : Clare Rhodes

Artist : Sheila Johnson

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Artist : Nikky Corker

Artist : Judy Jones

Sheila Johnson, Knaresborough


"I specialise in producing miniatures and laminated bookmarks using watercolour studies and scenes to illustrate a variety of mottos and observations, often thought-provoking, frequently humorous and always relevant to everyday life. The subject matter ranges from flowers and wildlife to shoes and handbags, taking in everything in-between."

Commissions : Miniature watercolours

01423 867285

Artist : Doreen Greenshields



If one of your paintings features on this page and you would like a free profile, please get in touch.

Sandie Turner


"My signature work has involved animal portraits and it’s always the colour and freedom of movement of watercolour that gives me great inspiration to create these individual characters with their own personalities. My landscapes are loose interpretations rather than a detailed representation of the surrounding countryside using mixed media and lots of strong vivid colour. The colour and freedom of my work catches the eye and draws you in, and once the colour has captured your thoughts, you are then prepared to take that second look, and then you may start to see things that other onlookers do not see!"

Artist : Sandie Turner

Commissions : Animal portraits

07904 745404

Artist : Neil Simone

Local artists often display their paintings for sale at art exhibitions, which are usually held between Easter and the autumn period.  Polkadot Pictures & Framing normally lists art exhibitions in the Wetherby and Leeds areas and will resume doing so once Covid-19 restrictions on art exhibitions are lifted.

Artist : Carol Peace

David Bull


"I've been drawing and painting ever since I could hold a brush, and went on to spend 4 years at art college where I gained a degree in Art. I worked as a creative designer in an advertising agency for many years, and now I draw and paint as a professional illustrator/painter, using watercolours, oils, pencil and pastels.  I've even been in TV dramas as a courtroom sketch artist and on the big screen as a police sketch artist.  I am commissioned for portraits, buildings, animals, humorous cartoons and caricatures, but my personal passion is for landscape paintings."

Artist : David Bull BA(Hons)

Commissions:  see profile below

07779 393618

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Artist : Stacey Moore

Framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing, Leeds Painting of Wetherby Golf Club Year of the Rabbit Original art, framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing, Leeds Painting by Sandie Turner Framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing, Leeds Painting of olives Painting of cow parsley Painting of Hellebores

Artist : Rachel McNaughton

Framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing, Leeds Painting of chaffinch Painting of wren Framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing Framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing Watercolour landscape painting Snow scene by artist David Bull

Sally Sterne is a landscape artist who has lived in the vicinity of Leeds and Wetherby for most of her life.  For the last 50 years she has lived in Boston Spa, having moved to the village when her daughter started attending St John’s School for the Deaf.  Sally has painted many local scenes, including this painting of the church at Boston Spa. She has taken part in a number of exhibitions and was voted the Visitors’ Favourite Lady Artist at Ilkley Art Exhibition.  Sally paints mainly in oils, and enjoys painting semi-abstracts as well as landscapes.

Artist : Sally Sterne - 01937 843902

Church at Boston Spa, Wetherby

Sally Sterne, Boston Spa


Artist : Kate Lycett

Jill Neale enjoys painting many subjects, primarily meadows, showing the harmony in nature to be found in the countryside around her.  Jill hopes that her paintings and use of colour convey a feeling of joy and happiness.  Jill also paints the countryside around Collingham, including commissions for house portraits.  A recent commission was for a mural showing Collingham and Linton in 1918, which is now hanging in the Memorial Hall in Collingham - see the Collingham Mural page for full information.

Artist : Jill Neale

Commissions - countryside, house portraits

Jill Neale, Collingham

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Jenny Sharpe

Yvonne Spence

Painting of olives

Rachel McNaughton

Original watercolour painting Watercolour painting Framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing

Kate Lycett

Framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing

Sandie Turner

Jill Neale

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Katie Marsden, York


"I am a young artist based in York, creating bespoke drawings capturing the intricate beauty and personality of your beloved dog and cats!  

With 100% customer satisfaction, I produce a range of stylish black and white portraits, from full body to head shots, as well as multiple pets in a group. These can be personalized for no additional cost in a mature calligraphy font.

All that’s needed is a good photograph of your animal companion! The drawings are on high quality paper up to A4 size, and reasonably priced from £30, with completion usually in a week."

Artist : Katie Marsden

Commissions : animal portraits

01904 626177

IMG_0088c_opt .

Nora Yates, Richmond


Nora’s strong affinity with the outdoors is reflected in her watercolour paintings. Her paintings capture the drama and atmosphere of the countryside. She has exhibited regularly over the last 20 years, winning various awards for her work.

She holds regular classes and workshops in Richmond and the Yorkshire Dales which are very popular.  Her purpose built studio is located on the edge of Richmond.

Nora’s work is primarily in watercolour, although she also paints with egg tempera, and other media. Nora is often commissioned for 'portraits' of houses and landscapes.

Artist & Teacher : Nora Yates

Commissions : Houses and landscapes

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Artist : Sarah Jane Nicholls

Artist : Rachel Melvin