Polkadot Pictures & Framing

Door-to-door mobile picture framing service for the Leeds & Wetherby area

. Abstract seascape painting, framed with a coloured mount by Polkadot Pictures & Framing


Hello, I'm Lisa and I set up Polkadot Pictures & Framing in 2015, having been framing pictures for myself, family and friends since 2002.  


I have learnt my picture framing skills at a number of picture framing courses.  Three of these have been residential courses in the south of England, held by an experienced London-based picture framer who undertakes work for museums, which requires the highest level of picture framing expertise.  It was at one of these courses in 2015 that my tutor encouraged me to take the next step on the road which has led to Polkadot Pictures and Framing.

Artist : K Dawson

Music plays a big part in my life too - as well as playing clarinet in Collingham Band, I have been learning the piano for the last several years, and from time to time I organise a get-together of adults who are learning to play an instrument.  I set up the group in 2007 and have met lots of lovely people through the various events I've organised.


But enough about me!  If you would like to get in touch about picture framing or any of my other activities, please do contact me.  I would love to frame your pictures and look forward to meeting you!

I live in Leeds but have a number of connections with Collingham near Wetherby, where I lived for many years and where I have held picture framing events since 2015.  For ten years I have been a member of Collingham Band where I play clarinet, and I am also a volunteer at the popular Collingham Computer Café.


My picture framing work has brought me into contact with many interesting customers and artists, and I am very happy to support local artists by promoting art clubs, exhibitions and classes in the Wetherby and Leeds areas, as well as profiling Yorkshire artists whose work I have framed.


In addition to framing pictures, I am also a website designer, and previously ran my own advertising agency for 20 years.

Artist : J Meese

Watercolour painting, framed by Polkadot Pictures & Framing IMG_1148cr en_opt

Artist : Sarah Jane Nicholls

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Artist : Nora Yates

Artist : Jill Neale

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